So, a little about me!

I worked all my professional life in first Further, then Higher Education in Art and Design. For many years I worked on the Graphic Media Communication degree at the Bradford School of Arts and Media and always enjoyed working with the students. For the last four years of my career I managed the arts and media degrees and masters programmes in the Bradford School of Art, working with a great team of people across the full range of arts and media disciplines.

Since retiring from this I now devote much of my time to my artwork and photography. I have found new groups of like minded people to work with as well as having my own studio to work in. This site shows the range of the work I do and represents the interests I have in a number of directions and gives an overview of what I do.

If you would like to see the most up to date view of what I am doing at any time look at my page on Instagram where I post new work every two to three weeks! To find my page look for rog017 on the site.